Alenka Paquet


Artist Statement

I have been working with clay for some 20 years – I have started as a potter and had taken many courses with several prominent clay artists in Ottawa. I am a member of Ottawa Guild of Potters, where I occasionally participate on the biannual sales, selling my functional pottery. I like working with glazes and since I have a PhD degree in chemistry, (Prague, Czech Republic), I have always been enjoying mixing my own colored variants.

At the present time my work with clay is focussed on sculpting: my art reflects on intense relationship between myself and the nature, namely trees. I am inspired by the structure of trees, by the beautiful twists and bends of their branches. By sculpting trees I am trying to reveal the unique beauty of these resilient creatures that tower round us, creatures that are fundamental to our survival.

I am a member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors (NCNS), where I exhibit my sculptures of trees at the annual exhibits -“Dimensions” (see section “Exhibitions”).

I am also a member of Art Ottawa East (AOE) where some of my sculptures of trees were also presented at the annual exhibits – “Selections” (see section Exhibitions).


1. A series named “Surviving Birch Trees” was awarded by the Prize for “Best of expression” at the Annual Juried Exhibitions at the Ottawa Guild of Potters, spring 2011.
2. A sculpture entitled “Birch Tree Stump” was exhibited at the juried exhibition “Selections” organized by the OAE, fall 2011.
3. A sculpture “Surviving Elm Tree” was exhibited at the juried exhibition “Selections” by OAE, fall 2012.
4. A sculpture “Surviving Elm” was exhibited at the juried exhibition organized by the NCNS in the Museum of Nature, 2012.
5. Sculptures “Surviving Birch Tree” and “Surviving Oak Tree” were exhibited at the event organized by NCNS at the St. Brigit Centre for the Arts, fall 2013.
6. Sculpture entitled “Birch Tree” was exhibited at the juried exhibit “Selections” organized by OAE, fall 2013.
7. An exhibition of my birch sculptures together with the paintings of birch trees by Marie Leger: presented in August 2015 at the Shenkman Arts Center Display Case, August 2015.
8. An exhibition of my sculptures of birch tree and an oak tree together with a colored vase: presented at the exhibit organized by the NCNS at the St. Brigit Center for the Arts, September 2015.