Janet McGee


Artist Statement

I have always had a love of photography but it has really been the last year that I have been able to devote more time to it. I purchased a digital SLR this year and I continue to learn the many aspects of both my new camera and post processing.

My preference has always been black and white photography although I do work in colour. For me, black and white removes any distractions and takes me to the core of the story. I enjoy documenting simple moments in life. I look for a moment and as I am watching I am constantly composing the shot in my head, looking for the right angle and at the same time trying to make it unique. I particularly enjoy this in the context of travel photography. I also enjoy the solitude of landscape photography. It allows me to find quiet and peace in the environment around me. And of late, I have been discovering the many possibilities afforded by urban photography. So much to discover…

Email: mcgeejan@gmail.com