Foyer Gallery News - Special Edition June 2019

The Foyer Gallery Welcomes Three New Members

The Foyer Gallery Artists Association is pleased to welcome three new members this year. They are the successful artists selected through a juried process based on the quality of their work and their commitment to participate in gallery exhibitions and activities.

Our new artists are:

Claude Bélisle (coloured pencils)
Maurice Dionne (watercolours)
Kaitlyn LeBrun (acrylics and 3D assemblages)

Make sure to visit our gallery to see their works included in our future group shows!


Meet Our New Artists: Claude Bélisle

Claude grew up on a farm in Blezard Valley, which is now part of Greater Sudbury, and in 1967 his family moved to Ottawa. Claude is a University of Ottawa graduate with a B.Comm (Honours). He had careers in private enterprise and federal government (over 45 years), and retired in May 2019.

Claude started drawing in 2013 and is currently studying with artist France Tremblay of Kanata.

In his own words....
The product of a reflection on the present moment and on the moment in the making is essential to each of my drawings.

My take on each passing day is the beauty as it unveils itself to me, through sustained observation of the mundane (the essence within a work).

Each observed object is hopefully redefined by a process of mimesis: a re-interpretation of reality to bring out beauty, sincerity and goodness!
Although he only recently started showing his works in our group shows, one of his coloured pencil drawings entitled ”Sirène à la perle/The Pearl Siren" has already won the Viewers’ Choice Award for the “No Rules” group show (May 14 -June 2, 2019). Congratulations to Claude for a well-deserved award!

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Claude_Belisle_Sirène à la perle
"The Pearl Siren" by Claude Bélisle
04_Bol de tomates_2017
"Bowl of Tomatoes" by Claude Bélisle
01_Vignes et roches_2017
"Vines and Rocks" by Claude Bélisle
"Raspberries" by Claude Bélisle

Meet Our New Artists: Maurice Dionne

Maurice Dionne is originally from Cartier, a small northern Ontario town near Sudbury. He worked in the private sector for more than thirty years. During that time, he was fortunate to have lived in several provinces and cities within Canada. He is now enjoying his retirement and is able to fully commit himself to artistic endeavours.

In his own words...
I am inspired by the transparency of watercolour and curious as to how certain artists can achieve the results they do. The way pigments mix and play on paper is truly remarkable. It is a challenge that inspires us (and me) to try different things and see how we can represent what we see.

Currently based in Ottawa, my inspirations come primarily from nature and my current and past experiences. I like to paint from local sites of interest, landscapes, florals from our garden, animals and more.

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Hollyhocks fg
"Hollyhocks" by Maurice Dionne
Yellow Aspens fg
"Yellow Aspens" by Maurice Dionne
Bywardmarket fg
"Byward Market" by Maurice Dionne
Morning Glory fg
"Morning Glory" by Maurice Dionne

Meet Our New Artists: Kaitlyn LeBrun

Kaitlyn Lebrun was born in Ottawa and grew up with a twin fascination for art and math/science. She participated in multiple art classes and volunteer art shows as well as her own personal projects throughout High School. She has participated in the city-wide youth art show Young at Art since 2014, receiving several awards. She is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Carleton University, and intends to combine her love of engineering and art in her future endeavors.

In her own words....
Through my art I attempt to capture feelings, namely the fleeting ones (where a whiff of a nondescript scent floats by and suddenly a familiar “deja-vu” feeling washes over you and leaves as fast as it came) using and experimenting with whatever materials come my way. I am inspired by the juxtaposition of images seemingly innocent (such as those found in children’s books) with darker themes that question morality, relationships, emotion and religion.

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"Not again" by Kaitlyn LeBrun
"Can't you see that you're loved" by Kaitlyn LeBrun
"I am simple" by Kaitlyn LeBrun
"Never" by Kaitlyn LeBrun



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