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September 10 - 29, 2019
Following its summer break, the Foyer Gallery opened its doors again on September 10th with the group focus show “Passages“. The show, featuring paintings and photography by Glenn Bloodworth, Lauren Henry, Heather Lovat-Fraser, and Roy Whiddon, is a perfect example of the high quality and variety of style that our gallery artists are known for.

The slideshow below presents some works from this exhibit. Make sure to visit our gallery to see these and a lot more in person!



Beata Jakubek began her career as a medical researcher and technologist in her native Poland and in the U.S. She obtained an M.S. degree in biochemistry and for many years worked in hematology, the study of blood. The blood cells came in a variety of colours – violet, blue, pink, green – and some had bizarre, irregular shapes. Beata loved studying these beautiful specimens.

It is this passion for colour and shape that now fuels Beata’s art. She paints with bright colours and chooses organic shapes over geometrical ones. Nature is her inspiration – it not only crops up in her landscapes and florals, but also in her abstracts, which are often close-ups of flowers. She conjures up these abstracts by squinting and observing nature on a macro level, as if through a microscope. She explores texture by incorporating nature (sticks, seeds, sand) and found objects into her mixed-media acrylics.

Her paintings also reveal an East Asian influence. Before moving to Canada, Beata lived in Tokyo, Japan, where she studied sumi-e, traditional Japanese calligraphy, and ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement. These introduced her to the concept of harmony, balance, and division of space, which now she strives to bring into her paintings.

Beata studied art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Ottawa School of Art and the Visual Arts Centre in Orleans. For her works, she was awarded first prize in both watercolour (Arteast 2004; Ottawa Art Association 2007) and acrylics (Ottawa Art Association 2007 and 2008).

Beata has been an active and contributing member of the Foyer Gallery since 2014. Watch for her works in our upcoming shows at the gallery!

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Beata_Jakubek_Mer Bleue_2018_acrylic_24x36x1.5
"Mer Bleue", acrylic by Beata Jakubek
"Tranquility", acrylic by Beata Jakubek
Beata_Jakubek_Touch of Gold_2018_acrylic_24x36x1.5
"Touch of Gold", acrylic by Beata Jakubek
"Winterlude", acrylic by Beata Jakubek
Beata_Jakubek_Thousand Islands_2018_acrylic_16x16x1.5
"Thousand Islands", acrylic by Beata Jakubek



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