Ahmad Humayun, born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1940, studied fine art under the well-known Pakistani artist, A.B. Nazir of Karachi.

While in Pakistan, till 1965, he participated in several group shows, using oils as his main medium. His current interest is prominently in portraits, landscapes and still life. His earlier painting career inclined towards portraits and figure studies in pastels and watercolour.

Since his arrival in Canada, from 1965, some of his landscape scenes are depicted somewhat in the impressionist style, with many of them painted from real life scenes in and around the Ottawa Valley and Gatineau Hills.

Private collections in Pakistan, Canada and the United States hold many of Ahmad Humayun’s works.

A member of the Canadian Society of Graphic Designers, he has considerable expertise in graphic arts and has won many awards for design and graphics of publications.

Ahmad’s artistic talent and natural interest is inborn and hereditary. His father, M. Abdul Ghani, was the Royal Painter of the Raja of Dharbhanga, north eastern India. In the court of the Raja he was required to paint portraits of the Raja’s family and courtiers, murals and other art for the palace walls. He then went to Lahore as Art Director for movie studios, working on movie sets in various parts of the country and providing art direction.

Ahmad Humayun was a toddler when his father died. His father’s entire art collection was destroyed during the independence of India, or is in unknown private, royal, and company collections. Ahmad’s natural art aptitude and talent manifested itself in his early childhood, unknown to him that he was following in his father’s famous footsteps.