Erika Farkas

Erika is a  visual artist with Transylvanian roots, living in Ottawa since the late 1980s. Having a technical career, she did not pursue her artistic goals until later in life, after she realized that life was too short to let her dreams expire. Being self-taught, she experimented with a wide range of media: graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil, resin. As of late, her preference shifted to mixed media, which allowed her to push the boundaries of visual expression.

Artist Statement

I have been relentlessly searching for new ways to combine different types of media for a more engaging viewer experience. For an enhanced realism, I apply pigmented resin layers over my acrylic paintings to render a 3D look that conveys motion, perspective, and depth. In some of my paintings, I combine the glass-like high gloss of resin surface with a variety of textures created with modeling paste, rocks, pebbles, sea shells, and sand. My intent is to give my paintings a multi-dimensional look and feel that appeals to both senses: sight and touch.

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