Erika is a self-taught visual artist with Transylvanian roots, living in Ottawa since the late 1980s. Moving to Canada at a time when hi-tech was booming drove her to pursue a technical training, from which she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Although life’s reality took her on a technical career path at the City of Ottawa, artistic creativity has always been a part of her life.

Her eye-opening moment came in 2012, when she realized that life is too short not to follow your dreams. So, she picked up a pencil and started drawing.  From drawing, she  graduated herself to painting by trying out different creative media: pastels, acrylics, oils, resins, and a mix of these.

Since she started exhibiting her works in 2013, Erika won several awards at local and international art exhibitions in Ottawa and online. She is currently an active and contributing member of several local art organizations.  Her works can be seen throughout the year at the Foyer Gallery, Ben Franklin place, Shenkman Arts Centre, as well as in other artistic events in Ottawa and online.

Artist Statement

I have been relentlessly searching for new ways to combine different types of media for a more engaging viewer experience. In present times, there is an unprecedented array of media available, creating an opportunity for me to really push the envelope of visual expression.

For an enhanced realism, I apply pigmented resin layers over my acrylic paintings to render a 3D look that conveys motion, perspective, and depth. In some of my paintings, I combine the glass-like high gloss of resin surface with a variety of textures created with modeling paste, rocks, pebbles, sea shells, and sand. My intent is to give my paintings a multi-dimensional look and feel that appeals to both senses: vision and touch.

I feel that I am only at the beginning of my artistic journey. There is so much more that I can try, so many new ways to challenge myself. This journey is worth all the hard work, because for me it is both deeply therapeutic and emotionally fulfilling.

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