I have followed a “long and winding road” to my present art style which is abstract mixed media. Along the way I have dipped my hand into many different art forms including life drawing, quilting, mask making and encaustics. With every workshop and class I slowly came closer to my to current style which incorporates all of the techniques I have learned over the years by studying with numerous teachers in Ottawa.

I have discovered a particular love of paper and many of my works include some paper, which I take from many sources, including painting and making my own. My work is abstract, nonrepresentational, and includes inks, pen, acrylics, papers and other surprises.Collage and my love of papers drive my style and I can often be found happily painting and ripping up papers to reassemble on canvas in a new and dynamic way.

I am a member of Ottawa Mixed Media Artists and The Foyer Gallery. I show my work at the OMMA Gallery,  Foyer Gallery and Santini Gallery,  as well I have participated in numerous Ottawa art shows.

  • Email: marymcininch@msn.com