Patricia is an Ottawa based multidisciplinary artist. She has studied visual arts at Ottawa School of Art, Algonquin College and York University at different points in her artistic journey. A transformative life event in 2011 precipitated soul searching. This period of reflection resulted in the decision to return to school in 2014 at the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and focus full-time on her life-long passion. At OSA she studied various disciplines including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. Patricia graduated in 2017 with a Fine Arts Diploma. During time at the school she was honoured to be the recipient of four awards including the Corrie Gibson Memorial Studio Scholarship and the Ted Marshall Memorial Scholarship. A house fire in April of 2016, resulted in great loss that simultaneously ignited renewed passion and resolve to create. Inspired by the universality of transformative experiences and resilience of the human spirit, she drew on her experiences as raw material for a series of works.

Artist Statement

Transformative experiences are universal to the human condition; interwoven in our lives as life-altering events. Drawing inspiration from my own experiences I explore in abstract works themes of vulnerability, survival, resilience and rebirth.  I am a multi-disciplinary artist primarily focussed on painting while using drawing to create spontaneously-generated imagery and abstract photography as an adjunct to painting. The surrealistic abstract works are inspired by my responses to transformative experiences. Resilience is expressed as something pliable withstanding forces of nature and time. Forms dissolving and re-forming simultaneously survive as weathered translucent surfaces. Imagery within the work is compelling, mysterious and often mystical or surrealistic.

My working method is based on spontaneity and materiality.  Dynamic energy and movement are created using a varied repertoire of means including scratching, pouring and layering of materials. Direct and action-filled physicality in the process taps into the unconscious resulting in primordial, passionate and universal paintings. A mystical element emerges through this gestural approach. Contrasts in colour and value and the relationships between forms contribute to the energy, movement and drama in the work. Along with the various materials and methods, my experiences are raw material. The paintings are narrative as they are authentic expressions about the energies of transformation as they relate to my experience of being human.