Rob lives in the Highland Park/McKellar Park area of Ottawa. His primary photographic interests are landscape and travel photography plus a somewhat novel approach to aerial photography using a remote-controlled camera suspended below a kite line. Rob also creates artistic landscape photographs and abstract images using both in-camera and post processing techniques.

Kite Aerial Photography provides low altitude and oblique angle images not readily obtained by shooting from an aircraft. Rob has been documenting Ottawa and area using this aerial approach since 2008. His portable equipment often travels with him providing easy access to aerial photography while visiting remote locations.

In September of each year Rob converts the ground floor of his house into a gallery for viewing during the West End Studio Tour (W.E.S.T.). He has participated in a number of local photography and art exhibitions including a summer-long feature “History in the Wind” at the Pinhey’s Point Museum where her displayed aerial images of the Pinhey’s Point Heritage Property on the Ottawa River near Dunrobin.

Rob became a member of the Foyer Gallery at the commencement of the 2014 calendar year. His first exhibition here is part of the group show “Child’s Play”. His pieces in this show are coincidentally of kites. Whereas much of his work is shot using a kite, these are images which incorporate kites.

Rob is a member of the Camera Club of Ottawa. He has given presentations at the Orléans Photo Club, the RA Photo Club and the Camera Club of Ottawa on his expertise in Kite Aerial Photography.
Rob’s stock photography work can be found in the catalogues of leading agencies such as Latitude Image and Getty Images. He also does custom photography on a contract basis.