Ron de Vries became interested in photography when he was given a camera at the age of eight by his Dutch grandfather and eventually became the third generation of photographers in the family.  He first graduated from the Architectural Design Program at Ottawa’s Algonquin College in 1976 before achieving a diploma in the Photography Program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 1980.  Afterwards, Ron worked for several years as a darkroom technician and then as a medical photographer before pursuing a freelance career in 1985.

Over, the years, he has worked as a photojournalist, and in the editorial, corporate, construction industry, and architectural fields of photography, switching from film to digital about 12 years ago.

Ron has always used fine art photography to complement his commercial portfolio. His fine art works are generally shot in a series of similarly themed images. He will conceive of a concept and then choose a technical aspect of the photographic medium that accents the series such as film types, paper types or digital manipulation. Some of his work is straightforward, allowing the viewer to take from it what they want and sometimes a series may make a social comment.

Ron has also been an educator, first by teaching photography evening courses for the Ottawa Board of Education in the 1980’s. From 1990 to 2004, he was also involved with continuing education at Algonquin College where he taught several part-time evening photography courses and workshops as well as a one-year stint teaching part-time for the full-time Photography Program at Algonquin College from  2003 to 2004.


LinkedIn profile and Instagram: (rondevries4885)