Yves Jardon

All my life I have been inspired by nature, from rocks to flowers to animals. This attraction brought me to the point where I made a degree in physical geography. I also worked several years in the forest environment, and the forests interested me to the extent that I made a Ph.D. in forest ecology.

I have carried a camera with me during all these years, taking photos of nature and landscape. I still like to photograph landscapes and nature, but for the last seven years, my interests have shifted to portrait photography mainly in a studio. I feel that the human body has more to say than a landscape and a portrait expresses more than a flower.

In my photos, I try to express a story, evoke feelings and in particular, to showcase the beauty of the female figure of all ages, shapes and sizes.

I have been a member of the Camera Club of Ottawa for several years. As an active member, I have given workshops on studio lighting, portrait editing and I was in charge of the Club’s Studio Workshops for several years.

I have won a lot of prizes in the club competitions and have gained several awards in open competitions:

  • The best use of color in the “Figure Works” Competition 2015
  • 2016 Laureate at “Le plus grand concours de photo du monde” for “Photo” (photo@photo.fr)

I have participated in several exhibitions in the Ottawa region and I have been a member of the Foyer Gallery since January 2014.

All my artwork is printed on archival cotton fiber paper with pigment ink.