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Kina Forney

Kina Forney is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based in Ottawa, Ontario.  She received a BFA with distinction from the University of Concordia in Montreal in 2009.  She is primarily a painter and illustrator with a background in animation, music, graphic design and computational arts.  She has exhibited in both Canada and the United States.

Kina’s most recent work is inspired by deep space digital photographs from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope of visually compelling celestial bodies, specifically nebulae and supernovas.  Using public domain images as a starting point, she creates large scale oil paintings highlighting the light, colour and movement in these scenes.  The heavens are universally recognizable phenomena recalling humankind’s common ancestry.  The space painting series aims to emphasize human connection through mutual acknowledgement of our infinitesimal existence and the urgent need for a sustainable, peaceful future.



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