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Lauri Maitland is a warm glass artist. Originating in Toronto and now residing in Eastern Ontario, the shift from an urban to a rural lifestyle is evident in Lauri’s works. Starting out as a charcoal artist Lauri now focuses on multi-panel glass pieces. The process involving painting, kiln fire and cold working takes place at her studio just outside Merrickville ON. Each work of art consists of anywhere from 4- 20 layers of individually painted glass sheets that are stacked together to form a completed scene and then fused together forming a solid block of glass. The mixed medium of glass and enamel depicts not only the sentiment of the painting but the light and depth that are inherent in the glass itself.

“I believe working with glass is a collaboration between artist and material as you have to respect not only the natural beauty of the glass but the unique challenges it presents. The glass often helps dictate the subject of a piece, incorporating elements that play on the movement and feel within the sheet. Although my roots are based in figurative drawing, I find myself leaning more and more to nature scenes and the relationship with our own environment.”(Lauri Maitland)



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Waters Edge 2

Waters Edge 2 by Lauri Maitland

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Waters Edge 1

Waters Edge 1 by Lauri Maitland

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