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Ray Piesina

Raymond Piesina was born in Germany of Lithuanian parentage. The family immigrated to Canada in 1949 and settled in Montreal, Quebec where his father continued his career as a composer and musician. Piesina was introduced to music and the arts at a very early age and was encouraged to study piano at the McGill Conservatory of Music during his school years. He continued to draw constantly and decided to study Fine Arts at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montreal, from 1964 to 1968.

Piesina excelled in painting and went on to receive first prize at an art exhibition sponsored by the City of Lachine, Quebec. Later he exhibited through the Crescent Street Gallery in Montreal and at various art showings in Toronto and the U.S. In 1972 he moved to Ottawa where he was employed by the Federal Government as a graphic designer. During that time, he was also Art Director with ”What’s On” publications and had a solo exhibit of paintings at the Ottawa Little Theatre. He was interviewed on CBC’s “Four For The Road” program where his work was televised.

Most recently he has exhibited his paintings at Shorer Gallery in Montreal and participated in a Spring 2000 Group Exhibition commemorating the new Millennium. Presently he is working as a professional artist at his studio in Ottawa, Ontario and exhibiting his work at the Foyer Gallery in Ottawa.

EARTHBOUND: The force within…

“My paintings are more about the spirit of nature and its impact on life. Working from my imagination and intuition, I find every painting an exciting journey into earth’s origin. The use of colour and the creation of movement form endless energy depicting growth and evolution in parallel with the forces of nature. It’s a stimulating, spontaneous way to work.”

Ray Piesina was featured in the Ottawa Life Magazine issued in July 2003.