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African Gold


African Gold by Sam Santini

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Artist:  Sam Santini

Medium:  Acrylic on board

Dimensions:  12″x24″x1″(framed)

©2011-2020 Sam Santini, all rights reserved.

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Sam Santini (with Robert Bateman)

Sam Santini was born in Italy in 1956,  and his family immigrated to Ottawa in 1966.  His love for art started early, winning awards in high school.  He worked in the construction field for many years prior to returning to that which he enjoyed the most.  He deepened this love for art with a diploma in animation at Algonquin College.  With this new talent, he worked for several years more at Ottawa studios, here as a background artist.   He then discovered an even deeper love of painting on his easel.  Lucky to have met Robert Bateman at a book signing, he found himself taking workshops with the renowned artist, in Wyoming and in Montana.

“These experiences, including plein-air painting in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park, inspire me to this day.   Working at my easel brings me much joy.”


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