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Autumn Leaves II



Autumn Leaves II by Dane Hamblin

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Artist:  Dane Hamblin

Medium: Watercolour

©Dane Hamblin, all rights reserved.

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Dane Hamblin

Born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Portland, Oregon in the United States, but spending over 10 years after high school in Seattle, Washington – while there I studied graphic design and earned an Associates degree in Illustration.  I found that I much preferred fine arts to computer work. In order to follow that passion, I later returned to school and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts specializing in painting from Arizona State University in 2002. I am now an oil and watercolour painter who enjoys the challenges of intensely realistic painting.

My subject matter ranges widely to include still-life and wildlife paintings, from subject matter I have observed literally around the globe as I have joined my Diplomat wife overseas living in 9 countries, but I consider myself to be first and foremost an urban landscape painter.  Living now in Ottawa I am drawn to the character and history of its lovely neighbourhoods.

“When I put all of my concentration into capturing in paint a piece of my environment in as much detail as I can, I begin to feel a deeper understanding of it. Places I was simply familiar with I now feel a much deeper connection to, through the process of painting.”

Website: https://www.danehamblin.com


Unframed Dimensions: 32.5" x 10.75"

Framed Dimensions: 35" x 13" x 0.75"