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Coming Soon

Coming soon by Angie Barrados

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Artist:  Angie Barrados

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Angie Barrados

Angie paints landscapes in oil. She grew up in Ottawa and has always been interested in art. Recently she decided to be the artist she always wanted to be. Her job with the federal government keeps her busy, but not enough to deter her from a steady art practice. She tries to get outdoors to paint when she can.

I love the outdoors and the landscapes near my home, like the Ottawa River, Mer Bleu Bog and the Gatineau Hills, and the landscapes I have visited on holidays in Nova Scotia and Italy. 

I am interested in the emotion in a landscape, in how colours can sing and shapes can dance. My paintings show real places and times that inspire me, influenced by my dream places with their imaginary weather.

Website: angiebarrados.com

Instagram: @angiebarrados