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Defender of Motherland


Defender of Motherland by Svetlana Goubanova

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Artist: Svetlana Goubanova

Medium: Oil on canvas

Based on war photography and with permission from Serge Khirvich. All proceeds to benefit UNICEF.

©Svetlana Goubanova, all rights reserved.

Contact the Artist for additional information at goubanova@gmail.com.

Svetlana is a Canadian artist, specializing in oil painting exploring figurative and narrative genres. A student of the natural light en plein air, Svetlana explores compositions referencing our shared visual experience: She is an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America (OPA).

“My work is inspired by the joy of experiencing the beautiful world around us, as well as the possibility of communicating ideas through visual media.” 

Website: https://www.goubanova.com/

Not framed

Unframed dimensions: 14" x 11" x 0.75"