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Hang in There Little Froggie! No.1


Hang in There Little Froggie! No.1 by Clara Kim

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Artist:  Clara Kim

Medium:  Mixed Media

Dimensions:  30″x15″x1.5″ on gallery canvas (no frame)

Clara Kim takes the mystifying nature of human relationships, and projects them onto these animals like frogs.
This frog painting represents the many who live in a competitive society, and they also satirize our shortsightedness of the future.

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Clara Kim

I was born in South Korea and take inspiration from both Canadian and Korean cultures. I utilize the concept of “The Beauty of White Space”. In traditional Korean art, white space acts as a quiet place to rest your eye. It allows the viewer the opportunity to engage their imagination, as well as highlighting the subject matter.

This is my fun challenge … one touch of the knife, and it has to be done. A confident line has its own life: sophistication in simplicity, passion hidden in calmness, strength in quietness.

Email: clarakim98@gmail.com