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Late Crimson


Late Crimson by Julie Mercantini

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Artist:  Julie Mercantini

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Dimensions:  24″x24″x1.5″ (gallery canvas-no frame)

©2011-2020 Julie Mercantini, all rights reserved.

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Julie Mercantini

Julie Mercantini is an Ottawa based visual artist.  Since completing a Fine Arts Diploma from the Ottawa School of Art in 2017, she has exhibited in several curated group and solo exhibitions.  Julie also contributes to editorials and artists talks and has received several arts awards and scholarships.

“To create this collection of landscapes, I applied the same principles of colour and composition that have guided my abstracts.  I rarely use visual references which allows me to paint intuitively and to create without constraint.  Images emerge from corners of my mind and develop on the canvas during the sketching process and while painting in oil.” (Julie Mercantini)

Email: mercantini.julie@gmail.com

Website: https://www.mercantini.ca