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Rhobotany No 3


Rhobotany No 3 by Kaitlyn Lebrun

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Artist:  Kaitlyn Lebrun

Medium:  Mixed Media

Dimensions:  3″x3″x5″ (Bell jar)

Additional Information:

mixed media, dried plants, glass bell jar with wooden base.  The bell jar is glued to the wooden base  This piece is delicate and should be picked up carefully with the wooden base supported during transport.  Please note that natural materials are subject to slight decay over time.

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Kaitlyn Lebrun

Kaitlyn Lebrun was born in Ottawa and grew up with a twin fascination for art and math/science. She participated in multiple art classes and volunteer art shows as well as her own personal projects throughout High School. She has participated in the city-wide youth art show Young at Art since 2014, receiving several awards. She is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Carleton University, and intends to combine her love of engineering and art in her future endeavors.

Artist Statement

Through my art I attempt to capture feelings, namely the fleeting ones (where a whiff of a nondescript scent floats by and suddenly a familiar “deja-vu” feeling washes over you and leaves as fast as it came) using and experimenting with whatever materials come my way. I am inspired by the juxtaposition of images seemingly innocent (such as those found in children’s books) with darker themes that question morality, relationships, emotion and religion. 

Email: kaitlynlebrun@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livemachinery/