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Worth Salvaging


Worth Salvaging by Pamela Stewart

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Artist:  Pamela Stewart

Medium:  Mixed Media

Alcohol and mixed acrylic media on synthetic paper finished with art resin epoxy on gallery-depth wood panel. Hanging hardware and Certificate of Authenticity included.

©Pamela Stewart, all rights reserved.

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Pamela Stewart

Mixed media abstract artist Pamela Stewart, a.k.a. PaminOttawa, is a mixed media abstract painter in Kanata, Ontario.

A military brat born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, she moved many times throughout her childhood, both inside and outside Canada.  This upbringing shaped her in ways that she is only beginning to truly comprehend. With a deep appreciation for the bounty of our planet, the changing landscapes, textures as well as the seasons of colour and mood, she is called to create works with depth, dimension and texture that energize and soothe and are excellent décor-friendly works.  A mom of young twin daughters, she is increasingly preoccupied and influenced by a level of eco-anxiety as she contemplates humanity’s effects on our world.

Pamela has a background in human-centred design, social media management, independent filmmaking, was an award-winning magazine editor and a Government ‘change agent’ before leaving the government in recent years to pursue her art.

Words cannot express the inexpressible; therefore, I paint.

My work is often a dialogue between what I see around me and the way I interpret the forms, and a response to the stunning array of textures, forms, colours, sounds, and smells we experience living in our world. I have been preoccupied recently with the state of our earth, and humanity’s effect on it. In this heaviness, I am compelled to create movement, texture; works that you can escape into and that can bring positive energy by soothing, and potentially healing, and that, when hanging in a space, can add these energies to a space.

I have been particularly focused on two principle media combinations – deeply textured acrylics and combinations of alcohol ink with other media finished with art resin, all on wood panel.

Email: paminottawa@gmail.com

Website: https://www.paminottawa.com

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @PaminOttawa

Not framed

Dimensions: 30" x 40" x 1.75"