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Céleste Charland

Born in Northern Quebec and raised in North Bay, Ontario I now live in Manotick.   I have always loved art from a very young age, drawing and painting whenever I could get my hands on material.  I pursued a career in Human Resources, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Language and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration. As an HR Executive and a mother of four boys, I had little time for art until my forties when I picked up my brushes again and taught myself how to paint.  I enrolled as a part-time student at the Ottawa School Art and Atelier de Brésoles (Montréal). I also learned from a variety of teachers across Canada and the U.S.

My main source of inspiration is the everyday world around her. I love landscape, still life and abstract and enjoy continuously exploring the beautiful  interplay between shadow and light.

I love everything about the creative process and am always in awe of the beauty around me.  I describe my work as ‘betwixt and between’: it is neither realistic nor purely abstract. I love experimenting with colour, adding a subtle surreal quality to the world around me.  I use mostly oil and acrylic, often playing with both at the same time.  Painting is the closest I ever get to expressing my gratitude for my life and the world around me.



Facebook and Instagram: celestecharlandart