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Rosemarie Roy

I am a fine arts painter who works in oils, acrylics and water colour.  After retiring from a career at Queen’s Park I turned to my first love, literature and became a published author and poet.  Then, wanting to explore other facets of the art world, I turned to painting and I found joy in the hard work and many challenges.My Rideau River collection of paintings depicts my love of nature. I love to paint the ultimate Canadian winter scene, sunlight on freshly fallen snow.  During the warmer months the river offers up its many facets daily, most especially  the  play of light on water.  I cannot fail to mention the splendid sunsets which were the subject of my most recent series “Acqua e Sole” “Water and Sunlight”.   Summer’s florals and autumn with its glorious sumptuous colours, all are a great sense of inspiration, in this most special of places.  Over the years I have felt a particular connection to the beautiful swans that once made the Rideau River their home gracing us with their presence.  My work in progress “Swan Songs” pays homage to the swans that were a part of the river’s landscape.I also delve into my Mediterranean roots that bring warmth and vitality to my work.  It’s a pleasure to paint an ordinary espresso coffee pot that has taken on the patina of life, an ancient earthen pot placed near a doorway that  looks out to the sea.  This, all in an effort to see what can be translated from what the eye perceives.

In spite of all the chaotic and quite often negative news facing us on a daily basis, I feel very strongly that there is so much beauty in our everyday world.  In a visual conversation I want to share this beauty with my viewers.



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