Healey Lodge, Gatineau Park

Healey Lodge, Gatineau Park by Leslie Blackwell

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Morning Skaters

Morning Skaters by Beata Jakubek

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Something in the Air

Something in the Air by Pamela Stewart

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Chrysalis by Roy Whiddon

Edition 1 of 5

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Versant Soleil

Versant Soleil by MaGi

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Spring Melt Coming

Spring Melt Coming by Scott Rubie

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Splash by Gwen Frankton

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Wave by Eiko Emori There are six of these at $300.00/each) Please contact the artist if you would like all six at a better price (6 for $1500)

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Waiting to Dance

Waiting to Dance by June Harman

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Holding Back the Chaos

Holding Back the Chaos by Luminita Serbanescu

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Phoenix by Christiane Kingsley

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Sirène à la perle

Sirène à la perle by Claude Bélisle

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