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A Graceful Friendship


A Graceful Friendship by JungHee Lee-Marles

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Artist: JungHee Lee-Marles

Medium: Mixed Media

© JungHee Lee-Marles, all rights reserved.

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JungHee Lee-Marles

JungHee was born in Seoul, South Korea. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Education with a major in oil painting and a minor in sculpture. She has worked as an art teacher for many years, but always part-time, so that she could devote considerable energy and passion to her own art projects. Grants and awards have allowed her to spread her wings nationally and internationally, with many solo and group exhibitions.

JungHee’s works often represent both the physical essence and the emotional content of two worlds, Mother Nature and Human Nature. The apparent peace and tranquility on one side contrasts with the evident conflict and chaos on the other. Her artwork references traditional Korean motifs, yet her focus on abstraction and the richness of colour and texture is rooted firmly in Western culture.

“In my head I have an imaginary room with a large blank canvas. Things are happening there all the time – I’m sketching, drawing, painting, and sculpting. In my studio, day and night, I try to transfer those mental images onto a real canvas. So long as I can spend time in these two rooms every day, I am a very happy artist.”

Website: https://www.jungheeleemarlesart.com/

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Dimensions: 24" x 12" x 1.5"