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Arctic Ice Melting


Arctic Ice Melting by Eiko Emori

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Artist:  Eiko Emori

Medium:  Glass (päte de verre) 

©Eiko Emori, all rights reserved.

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Eiko Emori by Michael Phillps

Eiko Emori is an artist working in glass. She has a Master of Fine arts degree from Yale University, New Haven, USA,  has attended Académie Grand Chaumière in Paris, France, and has a National Diploma in Design from Central School of Arts & Crafts, London,  England.

“The sculptures I make with the pâte de verre technique result in a translucency that show how colours change with light. The shifting light and unique colours bring movement to otherwise static objects. For example, the vibrancy of “Fall Colours” reflects the beauty and energy of fall leaves and bonfires.”

Eiko Emori MFA, FDGC, RCA

Designer Glass Studio

Email: mail@designerglassstudio.ca

Website: https://www.designerglassstudio.ca

Dimensions: 16" x 30" x 10"