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Facets of Motion II


Facets of Motion II by Roy Whiddon

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Artist:  Roy Whiddon

Medium:  Photography

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Roy Whiddon

Roy Whiddon is an award-winning Canadian artist/photographer specializing in fine art nudes.

Born in the U.S., and working for a high-tech company in California, Roy came to Canada in 1975 for a job that required travel across Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia. He bought a 35 mm SLR camera to record the scenery and soon became an avid amateur photographer, taking courses at a local college and setting up a home darkroom. Years later, Roy also took up drawing and painting to balance his technical career, acquiring his Visual Arts Certificate from Algonquin College in the late 1980’s. One of his favourite artistic endeavours has always been life drawing, which he continues to practice regularly.

In 2008, Roy decided to try photographing the nude figure as well as drawing it. The feedback he received from those photographs encouraged him to make this his primary focus in the visual arts. Currently retired from a career in information technology and consulting, Roy is able to devote more time and energy to his art.

Artist Statement

In my photography, I strive to portray the beauty, grace, strength and vulnerability of the human form. I like to challenge the viewer’s notions concerning nudity and the human body. In some photographs I concentrate on the form, using dramatic lighting and occasionally focusing on only a portion of the body. Other photographs explore movement and transition through the use of multiple exposures and motion blur. Although much of my work is done in the studio, I also like to integrate the figure into a contrasting environment, such as a forest, water, rocky landscape or abandoned factory. Many of my photographs in these environments hint at an underlying story, with details left to the viewer’s imagination.

Overall, I find that figure photography offers a unique mix of artistic, technical and interpersonal challenges that spark my creativity.

Email: whiddon@sympatico.ca

Instagram: @roywhiddon

Website: https://www.roywhiddon.com

Photographs are framed behind glass in a contemporary, thin black metal frame.  Conservation-grade mat board and acid free foam core are used in assembly.  

Print is titled, numbered, dated and signed on the back; two dates indicate the year the image was captured and the year the print was made.  

Title, edition number and the artist's signature also appear on the mat below the print.  

*Actual print does not have the watermark that appears in digital images.

Unframed dimensions: 11" x 8.5"x 0.1"

Framed dimensions: 14" x 11" x 1"