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On the Edge – Ice Road


On the Edge – Boreal Forest by Julia Lockie

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Artist:  Julia Lockie

Medium:  Mixed media

©Julia Lockie, all rights reserved.

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Julia Lockie

Julia Lockie was born in Montreal, but has lived in Ottawa most of her life.  Her first career was as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Civic Hospital, working in the Biochemistry Lab.  In 1996, she made a huge life change, attending the University of Ottawa for five years to earn a BFA, BA in Psychology and B.Ed.  Julia graduated in 2001 and worked as a high school Art and Biology teacher for a short, but incredibly rewarding, 15 year career.  Together, Julia and her husband have launched two successful adults, now with their own families.  She retired in 2017 and lives in Oxford Mills with her husband, dog, gardens and studio.  

Artist Statement

Throughout my life, artistic endeavours have been a constant.  My creative path has been winding and led me to many and varied courses, seminars and workshops, building a fairly traditional body of knowledge and skills throughout.  My experiences at university brought me to the inspiration of mixed media about twenty years ago.  This rich process allows me to create imaginary spaces with strange perspectives.  I like to experiment and break rules, disregard understandings of scale and perspective and exaggerate for creative effect.  I continue to collect art supplies from the natural world and city neighbourhoods, using fragments of discarded junk to build richly textured and layered surfaces.  As an artist, I have been acutely aware of the disparity between aerial and satellite imagery, showing Earth as a jewel-like and ‘perfect’ treasure, and our daily realities, up close and personal, as a resident and participant in the earthly routine.  This disparity fuels my ongoing creative inspiration.  My artworks represent one voice in an extended conversation about stewardship and the endurance of our planet, and about human experiences in these tumultuous times.  I find myself blessed to be able to indulge my creative voice daily, and to continue to explore and learn in this pursuit that I love.

Email: Julia.lockie2@gmail.com

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Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1.75"