Radiant by Erika Farkas

From her Altered Realism series

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Artist:  Erika Farkas

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Contains glitter on parts of the painting.

Radiant is part of my Altered Realism series and it is framed in a black floating frame.

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Erika Farkas, Self-portrait

I am a self-taught artist with Transylvanian roots living in Ottawa. My greatest passion lies in the realistic portraying of the human form. There is something about the way the body moves and the emotions it can convey that continues to fascinate me. Whether through a stroke of a brush or a simple pencil line, I find myself drawn to exploring these nuances and complexities. From the graceful curves of a woman to the rugged lines of a man, each person holds within them a unique story, a unique perspective. I connect with my subject on a deep level, trying to convey their essence and personality by observing every detail, every line, every shade. It truly is a profound and rewarding experience to create a representation of someone’s essence, and the connection I feel with the figure is something that stays with me long after the artwork is finished.

Artist Website: https://www.erikafarkas.com

Commissions Website: https://portraitsfrompicture.com/

Framed in a black floating frame

Unfamed Dimensions: 16" x 20" x 0.75"

Framed Dimensions:  17" x 21" x 1"