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Coming Soon

Coming Soon by Nancy Shaver

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Artist: Nancy Shaver


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For more information, contact the artist at nancy.shaver@gmail.com

Nancy Shaver

I paint abstracts in acrylic.  I like to experiment with the interaction between structure and disorder, as well as the impact of colour and transparency, and the effect of light upon them.  I’m loosely inspired both by nature and the built environment, and by recognizing patterns that repeat in diverse settings.

I like line and shape to dominate, and try to express a geometric concept with the fewest lines and shapes possible, using layers to give glimpses of what is hidden underneath.  Some of my paintings have roots in the representational world, while others started out as pure abstractions.  I find creativity evolves from the freedom to follow many tangents, which is why I have in recent years taken the abstract route, and moved away from representational work.

I worked in graphic design for several years, and this has strengthened my love of design, balance, and pattern.
I was born in Ottawa and have lived here most of my life, currently residing in the west-end neighbourhood of Crystal Beach.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theotherrealme/