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Coming Soon by Carole Ince

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Artist: Carole Ince


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Carole Ince

Carole is a multimedia artist who is passionate about people and the stories that make them resilient and vulnerable. After an extensive career in the social service sector, she continues to explore and celebrate the concept of community which includes arts and culture, nature, physical spaces and how they interrelate with people.

She currently paints in a contemporary style, using oil paints. She uses bright colors to bring out the individual’s personality and details of their surroundings.

The sense of belonging to a community is reflected in all her art regardless of the medium. Being an eternal optimist, she creates pieces and collections that are positive in order pay tribute to and shine the light on people that she has met and places that are special to her.

Website: https://www.cgince-art.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/cgince_art