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Artist:  Heather Lovat-Fraser


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Heather Lovat-Fraser

Art can mean many things to different people.  It can challenge you, excite you, provoke you and engage you.  However, I believe the most important art in your everyday life should inspire you in a positive way. I create colourful, engaging paintings that remind people of the positive things in life.

Mostly, I paint abstracted vibrant street scenes primarily of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.  This includes increased contrast, colour saturation, and less detail with all things being familiar but just a little off key. I try to touch people’s heartstrings with wonderful memories as I paint local landmarks.

I am involved in many different art shows throughout the city and surrounding area as well as a one person shows at Irene’s Pub, James Brett Salon and Focus Hair.  As well, cards of my art are currently being sold at The Papery, The Village Quire and an IDA drugstore.

An article about me was included in June 2016 Glebe Report newspaper along with a photo of one of my paintings.

I have studied art and design at Algonquin College and St. Lawrence College, as well as taken various workshops that interest me.