Foyer Gallery welcomes 15 new members in 2022

The Foyer Gallery Artists Association is pleased to welcome 15 new members in 2022. They are the successful artists selected through a juried process based on the quality of their work and their commitment to participate in gallery exhibitions and activities.

Our new members are:

  • Elisabeth Baechlin
  • Bette Belanger
  • Céleste Charland
  • Heloise Doucet
  • Svetlana Goubanova
  • Dane Hamblin
  • Carole Ince
  • Istvan Jobst
  • JungHee Lee-Marles
  • Lubna Mousa
  • Susan Reiter
  • Selena Richard
  • Shilpi Seneja
  • Nancy Shaver
  • Mary Ann Varley

Welcome new members! We are looking forward to see your work in the gallery and in your online shop.