Maurice Dionne and Isabelle Jerome in 82nd juried show “Let it Flow”

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We are pleased to announce the participation of two of our artists in the 82nd juried show held by the Ottawa Watercolour Society. The Show is titled “Let it Flow”, very appropriate in these times. The artwork included in the show are all exceptional. We encourage you to visit the show page. A link is provided.

You are Invited! OWS 82nd Juried Show is now Online Click here to see it

Maurice Dionne

Watercolour Artist

Maurice Dionne is a full time watercolour artist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is inspired by the world around him such as the vibrancy of cityscapes, as well as the beauty of nature. These are features in his continued explorations of the medium.

Inspired by watercolour’s nature and transparency, I strive to catch the light, the mood and vibrancy of what I perceive.  The way pigments mix and play on paper is truly remarkable.  I also look for innovative ways of presenting my work.  Sometimes it is the traditional framing and matting under glass.  Other times, I prefer to seal the image and finish with an elegant floater frame without  glass. In this case, I wish to remove the glass barrier between the viewer and the image, offering an improved experience.



Isabelle Jérôme

Isabelle Jérôme is a bilingual, Ottawa-based, emerging artist with watercolour as her primary medium. As a high school educator, she hopes to spread this passion to younger generations. She is active in the Ottawa art scene, participating actively in many associations. Her works have been accepted in juried exhibitions and her paintings can be found in private collection here in Canada and abroad.

Artist Statement:

“From a young age, I have always been interested in the arts and worked with a variety of mediums including graphite, acrylics and soapstone. Once I discovered watercolour, I immediately fell in love with its transparency, accessibility and challenges. Being mostly self taught, I am still exploring different techniques and styles, but enjoy painting detailed, figurative art. Two of my passions are traveling and food; so I tend to look there for inspiration. My paintings are reflections of the gems discovered while wandering around the globe; whether it being a landscape, an animal or a snack eaten along the way.”



Instagram: @paintandtravels